Tyler Perry Recalls His Own Suicide Attempts as He Remembers tWitch

Tyler Perry Recalls His Own Suicide Attempts as He Remembers tWitch

I tried to commit suicide a couple of Times Because it was so dark I didn't think it Would get any better had any of those Attempts happened I would have missed the best part of my Life Tyler Perry is opening up about his Past suicide attempts in the wake of Stephen twitch boss's death I like the Rest of the world I'm shocked shortly After news broke on Wednesday that Twitch died by Suicide the media Mogul Shared that emotional clip to Instagram Revealing his past failed attempts to Take his own life and encouraging fans To find comfort in his story I'm the Happiest I've ever been Life is full of joy and love if you are A person who is considering suicide or Ending your life And you've already been through a lot of Hell please please please Think about what the other side could be It could be amazing and you would miss The best part of it going through the Darkness Don't let the darkness stop you from Getting to this incredible place of Light Tyler captioned the post Simply Life dot dot dot and the death of twitch Is heartbreaking Seriously heartbreaking meanwhile Rosie O'Donnell got candid about her Experience with depression on Tick Tock

Posting a video of the sunset alongside The text twitch I've been on Antidepressants since 1999 right after Columbine and I will never go off them Because I know how dark it gets and I Know how bad it could be and it can make You forget That you have children who need you that You have friends who would mourn you Forever but you have siblings who Wouldn't survive you know you forget Those things In the throes of depression but Rosie Like Tyler shared a similar message of Hope but it seems like there's not a Possibility for you to recover there is Good life's worth living twitch was best Known as the house DJ on The Ellen Degeneres Show from 2014 until the Series ended earlier this year twitch You want to know my favorite thing that We've added what's your favorite thing Though it's you And during his tenure on the show he Became an executive producer filming the Last episode of Ellen that it was really The the end of an era and and also it Was so emotional and so inspiring I'm Just so grateful but twitch first rose To Fame in 2008 as the runner-up on So You Think You Can Dance I tried out for The show for season fours I told myself If I did if I didn't make the show when I got cut then that like my next move

Would be to the uh the office of the Navy to enlist so I would literally be Doing something completely different had It not worked out And on Wednesday twitch's fellow So You Think You Can Dance Alum Alex Wong also Spoke out fighting back tears on Tick Tock with an important message I just Wanna Remind everyone that Reach up to The ones that you love And don't take anyone for in it Love You Stephen [Music]

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