‘The Match’ Creator Says They’ve Raised A Total Of $33 Mil For Charity! | TMZ Sports

'The Match' Creator Says They've Raised A Total Of $33 Mil For Charity! | TMZ Sports

Tiger Rory Jordan Justin geesh you got Some of the best golfers in the world How excited are you personally for this Week as a guy who loves golf Beyond I Mean to get to see Tiger Woods play golf Right now in this kind of setting with These guys That are his best friends guys one guy He's in business with trying to beat up On his call it his little brother and Justin Thomas And uh Jordan Speak who's been best Friends with Justin Thomas since they Were kids and have looked up to these Two guys their whole lives pretty much Especially tiger and they've also looked Up to Rory a lot so it's it's a dream Matchup I'm we're thrilled Tom Brady Patrick Mahomes Josh Allen Peyton Manning Steph Curry we've worked with Some good ones You know we're really happy with the Franchise we're really happy with Capital One and their support they keep Coming back and they like what we do and What I'm really most proud of is the Money we raise so far we've raised 33 Million dollars in our events and we're Gonna do great on this one we're already North of two million dollars for Hurricane Relief before we tee off wow So Um you know the fact that we're able to Help so many people with these events

And also make it profitable for the Network right is a big Testament to what We do no joke I mean not BS and I think That's why we get our stars because You're playing in something where they Want to win and they're super Competitive but each one has its own Message right uh whether it be something Mostly around stuff we're doing locally Or in communities this one is a little Bigger because you know local but it was A big issue covet was a big issue so we You know hbcus was a big thing so we we Really try and Um do great work Um so I'm really proud of that we're Seeing a real new version of tiger I Almost think this is a coming out party For this new tiger where he he's not Under the pressure of walking you know Four rounds having to win you know the Cameras are on him on every shot of a Masters and he might be a few shot you Know it's yeah to be on him for Something like this where he can have Fun and be with his guys I think we're And at this point in his career I think He's gonna Embrace this a lot Um and I'm hoping uh I'm hoping it comes Off uh the way I believe our Conversation Nations have gone and the Way I think it should go so when you've Talked to him how have you sensed the Excitement or that he's looking forward

To getting out there and playing and Raising a lot of money and entertaining The fans yes so we had a press Conference yesterday and uh you know he Was phenomenal so and all the guys were I mean Rory Justin and Jordan were all You know super passionate about it and So I think there's a certain camaraderie To this four guys that is gonna light up The screen and when Charles Barkley Giving digs and you know the long History there with him it's it's uh Television that I think is is exciting Um yeah you can't beat it so um if You're a sports fan it's something to Watch tomorrow excuse me Saturday night It'll be on 6 p.m Eastern on TNT We go it's the pre-show and the the uh Main show is 7 P.M Eastern on TNT room Under the lights we've never seen a golf Tournament a golf event played Completely under the lights wow I'm Really excited to see how that's gonna Look yeah yeah Um so I mean it should be it should be Interesting it sounds awesome were you Uh were you worried obviously Tiger has Has battled physical ailments were you Um How concerned were you I guess as He's battling some injuries and uh maybe Not sure at Um times if he would be able to go how Concerned were you with that Brian

Always concerned yeah I know I hear you I mean yeah [Music] Honestly I don't get paid till we tee Off so I am concerned okay no I mean I'm Not concerned because we're doing it but Yes yeah you see a smile on my face when The balls get put in there you know when You're dealing with with athletes and You know injuries and it's not like We're a team it's like we're four guys They gotta be there it's not easy when You're flying Tom Brady across the Country it's the same thing you know It's like you just you sweat all the way To the finish line but you know I'm Known to sweat a little bit so that's uh You know it's par for the course for me

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