Stephen “Wonderboy” Thompson Reveals He Broke Hand During Kevin Holland Fight | TMZ Sports

Stephen "Wonderboy" Thompson Reveals He Broke Hand During Kevin Holland Fight | TMZ Sports

Welcome back to TMZ sports Mike Babcock Here with my guy Mojo Mojo we have been Waiting uh to talk to this man for days Now uh not only is he one of the Absolutely most dangerous most talented Fighters in the whole world he's also One of the best guys in sports and uh Had a incredible win at UFC fight night Saturday night Mojo you were actually There sitting octagon side just feet Away we welcome to the show Stephen Wonderboy Thompson uh Steve and brother How are you how are you feeling man man I'm all smiles these days All smiles I'm feeling great man I'm Feeling great as you can tell got a Little bumps and bruises you know some Yeah some stitches got a broken hand Looks like a balloon when you held it up No it looks fake have you seen the movie Noted Professor yeah yeah that's what it Reminds me of right but uh it's it's all Worth it what what were the injuries Stephen I know you've seen some doctors Obviously make sure everything was okay What what are you dealing with Stephen Well at the moment I mean my face is Actually feeling pretty good right now It's not too bad and it heals though I I've I'm like Wolverine my dad calls me Wolverine I heal up fairly quick anyway But I ended up breaking the first and Second metal carpool and this the left Hand

Um so no surgery which is awesome but it May have to have a cast for a few for a Few months or two so right now I'm on a Six month suspension but hopefully we Can heal up uh before then and get back After it so both of you broke your hands Punching each other during this fight oh Yeah if you didn't see the fight that's Probably just a good indication of how Great of a fight it was when did it when Did the injury happen Stephen and uh was It hard to to then throw punches with That hand uh as it was all busted up no So this is the second time I've actually Broken my hands mid fight uh I fought Vicente Luke about two years ago broke Both my hands in the first round and I Felt it then but and during this fight I Didn't feel until I took the gloves off I took the gloves off and I kind of Clinched my fist and I felt some Crunching I was like that that seems Familiar you know it feels familiar so I Knew it was broken then and there but During the fight didn't know it at all That adrenaline was going It was working how could it not that Entire Arena was going absolutely Bonkers I was sitting there second row My goodness what luck I had not only the Fight of the night this is likely to be The fight of the year I mean how much Did the crowd Rock and rolling you know Take over for you you know able to numb

Away that pain from from the shots of The face we saw the videos of you Getting all stitched up and with the Hand I gotta think the crowd played a Factor in that one at least a little bit This is why I love that I'm so glad that We're back in you know uh Arenas where People can come and check it out right You know I fought twice at the Apex Where there was there are no fans and It's just not the same man when you're Out there and you hear the ooze and the Oz every time you throw a kick it or a Grace to cross your opponent's face it Fires you up man it gets you out there And the bumps and bruises like I said it Goes away when you hear the crowd go out There it is it's it fires you up in some Way that you can't really explain and I I know you know what that feels like Personally right it it man it's on Another level that's for sure Stephen I think that was Mojo trying to Take credit for uh for your win yes I heard you the whole time Um so where do you go from here now Stephen what's what's the plan I uh you Know if people wanted to see if you Still had it I think they know now that You do still have it in fact Um where what do you where do you go From here who do you want next what what Do you um you know have you allowed Yourself to think about what the next

Move is Well I mean I'm all I'm always thinking You know there were there was a few Names that were thrown at me Um you know After the fight during media was Conor McGregor obviously Um we had uh a guy who I've fought Before but people would love to see Again that is George Moz Vidal yeah the BMF versus the nmf I think would be Spectacular and he always brings it and There's another Striker who's phenomenal Guy named uh Michelle pajera who does All the flips and stuff in the cage so Obviously the title is always number one At the top of the list but you know I Think the UFC and the fans realize that When you give me a striker it's we're Going to get a fight of the night I mean The last few guys that I fought Um you know Vicente Luke Jeff Neal we Ended up getting five of the night and Now Kevin Holland could possibly be Fight of the year but um I'm on a six Month suspension at this point like I Said but hopefully that you know Everything will heal up and I'll get Done with physical therapy and treat my Body right we'll get out we'll get out There sooner than later hey I I think All first of all three of those fights Would be fascinating and great I can Imagine you know Conor maybe needs a

Little bit of time to get back in the Testing pool you know let that leg heal Up a little bit more That would be an absolutely incredible Fight uh even the lead-up would be Interesting Stephen with this nice of a Guy as you are and Connor's trash talk I I'm fascinated in everything about what That fight could look like I'll just Smile at him that's all I'll do I'll Smile at him so I I kill I eat them up With nicest man that's what I do but uh That's why they call me the nmf you know It was it was it was a kind of a breath Of fresh air facing someone somebody Like Kevin Holland who was cordial you Know what I mean I was on his podcast a Few weeks before the fight he was all Smiles he was talking during the fight He was telling me to slow down actually It was hilarious but um it's great to be Able to go out there and face somebody Who doesn't have that animosity against You or you know some people have to put Themselves in that mindset I've been man I've been doing this I've been fighting Since I was 15 years old I've been been Competing younger than that and it's to The point now where I just you know I Don't I don't kind of feed into it which I know it it promotes the fight it gets The people fired up but uh you know I go Out there and just do what I need to do Man with a smile on my face that's what

I do yeah yeah they're proof you don't Need that trash talk too by the way to Put on a great fight go ahead Yeah because that was something I I Wanted to ask you about too because I Don't know if I've I've ever seen more Respect given inside an octagon during a UFC fight I mean you could just see it It was obvious it was like two best Friends having the time of their lives Both breaking their hands in the process And my goodness throwing some of the Biggest shots I've ever seen does that So that doesn't throw you off your game Whatsoever it doesn't uh get you out of Your Zone if you're you're constantly Kind of Palling around or in a fight Like that uh seems like your will was Kind of iron clad and no matter what was Happening Thank you yeah man well I look at it This way yeah well there's a few guys That I face who are our buddies of mine You know Rory McDonald was one of them I've done I've done some training with Him and we fought for that number one Contender spot back in the day a few Years back but you know I I Spar my Buddies every day and we get after it we Get after and sometimes they're a little Heated but uh we're still friends before And we're at the end of the day we're Still buzzed so Um it was kind of like one of that was

Like another sparring session but we're Trying to hurt each other we're trying To knock each other out Um at the end of the day it's business It's all about business you know I'd I'd fight my buddy out here in the UFC and and and we would go after it Trying to he'll try to knock me out I'll Try to knock him out but at the end of The day we know we're gonna leave we're Still going to be friends and with our Pockets a little bit more full uh and That's what it's about you know I I to Be honest with you I fight for free I Told my dad that yeah I love to compete I love the fact that Doing something that betters me To try to and that's why I love the Sport obviously wins a win and I want to Go for the title but I love to compete Because it uh it's a way to continue Continually to Improve myself You know what I'm saying and I want to Be able to to see how far I can go with It Dana White if you're listening Steven's Just kidding about the free thing yeah Stephen before we let you go real quick You got to tell me what was that Conversation with Jack Black Oh man It almost seemed like it was the very First fight he's ever seen in his life

He's not he's not a violent guy but let Me tell you he loved every bit of just Sit there and watch him the oohs and Oz And like what's going on uh the the Comment he made when it when I hit him Below the belt he's like he didn't hit Him in the nut it was a bell shot there Was no nut shot he was hilarious man I Gotta chat with him afterwards Um he was disappointed he wasn't able to Be there I know he's not he's he's still Um you know doing he's still in I think Uh do traveling you know what I mean With infinity Um so that's what he was he was doing But hopefully next time he said and I'm Look I was like I was like look I'll be Glad you just being there at the fight Man you ain't got to walk me out just be There I think it'll be awesome and hang Out afterwards he's the coolest dude Have you ever had the chance to meet Jack Black the coolest guy you've ever Met in your life That's awesome Stephen thank you so much For your time uh absolutely an honor to Always have you on uh we appreciate it Heal up quick and uh yeah any of those Three guys if any of those fights happen Just just massive massive fights Stephen Thank you so much I appreciate both you Guys and thanks for coming my brother I Appreciate you man I gotta come to all Of them now

That was I've had I've had your entrance Music of course the Tenacious D song Wonder Boy stuck in my head non-stop Since that fight and that was days ago Well I appreciate you fellas man you Guys have a good one and happy holidays Man happy holidays brother

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