Stephen ‘tWitch’ Boss’ Cause of Death Confirmed

Stephen ‘tWitch’ Boss' Cause of Death Confirmed

Stephen twitch boss danced his way into The hearts of so many and those hearts Are forever broken with his tragic Passing welcome to Entertainment Tonight It still doesn't seem real no it just Does not seem real twitch's death Resulting in an outpouring of love and Reigniting conversations about mental Health this as family and friends try to Make sense of life without him Such a painful reminder that you never Ever know what people are going through Listen I think people have to just stop Assuming that when you see people on Television that they're okay especially With the dancing I mean dancing is such A symbol of freedom and happiness and Joy I like the rest of the world I'm Shocked by the death of Stephen boss Twitch he was obviously suffering with Mental health issues and it's a big big Big problem in the United States E.T has learned twitch's autopsy Occurred yesterday the medical Examiner's office has confirmed that the 40 year old died from a self-inflicted Gunshot wound to the Head his body was Discovered here at this Encino Motel Less than a mile from where twitch lived With his wife Allison and their three Children that's where his family has Come together to grieve both twitch's Mom and Allison's were spotted yesterday Outside the home twitch's former co-star

Channing Tatum shared his heartbreak Posting this pic from the set of Magic Mike double XL and writing I have no Words there aren't any my head or heart Cannot understand this Channing told me He was in awe of twitch's moves unreal When he dances like I my mouth is just On the floor like the whole time he's Gonna he's gonna blow people's mind in This movie he's like Neo inside the Matrix inside the song it's it's pretty Extraordinary this morning Ellen posted A tribute clip from the second to last Day of her show something that I'll Always remember is that you gave me a Place Or I could just be myself you know what I mean and speaking of Ellen Rosie O'Donnell was candid shutting down false There's no like Hollywood cabal that's Out killing people and why the hell Would they What could he possibly have seen or Known at The Ellen Show What that she was not nice to her staff Everyone knows that Also getting real Tyler Perry who opened Up about his own past suicide attempts I'm a living witness you can make it Through it I'm so glad that my attempts Didn't work Rest in peace

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