Prince Harry & Meghan Markle CLAP BACK About “Untrue Narrative”

Prince Harry & Meghan Markle CLAP BACK About "Untrue Narrative"

Prince Harry and Meghan Markle are Speaking out about confusion surrounding Their private lives As the world reacts to Prince Harry and Megan's new Netflix series the couple is Now addressing the narrative that they Left their roles working for the royal Family for a more private life Some viewers are criticizing and Questioning why Harry and Megan chose to Make a docu-series suggesting that the Couple's decision to give up their Royal Duties meant they want it to lead more Private lives By the nature of being born into this Position and with everything else that Comes with it and the level of Hate that has been stirred up in the Last three years especially against my Wife and and my son is my mom outside With Archie I'm generally concerned Um for the safety of my family The global press secretary for the Duke And Duchess of Sussex tells E news quote The Duke and Duchess have never cited Privacy as the reason for stepping back This distorted narrative was intended to Trap the couple into silence She continues quote in fact their Statement announcing their decision to Step back mentions nothing of privacy And reiterates their desire to continue Their roles and public duties any Suggestion otherwise speaks to a key

Point of this series they are choosing To share their story on their terms and Yet the Tabloid media has created an Entirely untrue narrative that permeates Press coverage and public opinion the Facts are right in front of them the First three installments of the series Gave viewers an inside look into the Couple's early days of their romance and Their point of view on the drama leading Up to their May 2018 wedding and the Racism that Megan experienced from the UK media Foreign [Music]

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