Muhammad Ali’s Grandson, Biaggio, Says He Was Born To Fight After 1st PFL Win | TMZ Sports

Muhammad Ali's Grandson, Biaggio, Says He Was Born To Fight After 1st PFL Win | TMZ Sports

Like I told you before you know I like To normalize things to help deal with That pressure you know it's just the Fight this is what I do you know every Day in training because at my gym you Know we have two cages and when I Spar I'll go into the cage sometimes and a Hard spar with some of the best fighters In the world you know so I just thought To myself ah this is this guy's just Trying to come in here and try to hurt Me so I'm just gonna do what I do at the Gym to him and I'm allowed to actually Try to knock this guy out right that's Nice so Yeah I think I think it was only a Little easier than I thought just Because I felt so mentally prepared for That stage if you're outside of your Maybe your your hands and your your feet Being sore from punching and kicking Your opponent you wouldn't even know you Were in a fight uh if we hadn't seen it So when do you want to get back in there I I want to get back there as soon as Possible you know uh I actually went to The gym this morning Um some Fighters you know they'll kind Of take some time off they take a week Couple weeks off you know like I'm Completely injury free right now thank God so I just I went right back to the Gym this morning I'm gonna go back to The gym again this afternoon and I'm

Just gonna keep the train rolling you Know I'm ready to hop back into a camp Whenever I need to first I gotta Obviously find out when I'm fighting but Um I I'd like to fight you know sometime Early next year that would be nice wow Yeah quick turnaround that'd be awesome Um yeah Do you have anything like a bigger Picture broader picture anything after You you've been in there pfl fight are You certain now this is what you want to Do that you love fighting you want to be Champion can be Champion what did you Take away aside from just an incredibly Impressive performance that you put on You know I truly believe that I was born To do this you know I believe that me And my brother both were destined to to Be in Combat Sports yeah Um regardless of who our grandfather is Or not you know I feel like we were just Born to fight Um I do want to do this you know I'm all In you know I I do see myself having the Belt and the holding a million dollar Check sometime in my career I don't know How I'll get there or when it'll happen I just know that at some point in my Life I'm gonna have that belt around my Waist and I'm gonna hold that check so You know I'm still a baby in the game I'm still an amateur Um I'm still I'm just gonna get as much

Experience as I can and whenever my Coach thinks that I'm ready to go pro I'll go pro and then you know we're back To Ono and I start getting a good Pro Record and yeah that's that's the Journey right now you know I'm still an Amateur so I'm just gonna keep getting Experience What do you think your grandfather would Have said uh you know having seen that Yeah he would have told me he was he Would have told me he was proud of me You know um uh he he acknowledges the Fact that you know me and my brother Have to deal with the pressure of who he Was and what he stood for and Um he would he would just say he's proud Of me 100 and that would mean the world And I know he he was watching I know he Is proud of me so You know I'm happy for that

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