Katy Perry’s LEGO Dress: Behind the Design

Katy Perry’s LEGO Dress: Behind the Design

Check me out I am in the iconic New York Lego Store to check in with Lego Master Matt Ashton who's back in Lego group's Denmark studio is it true that you were Involved in the development of Lego Masters I sort of helped a little bit With formulating that but my main role Was um pet judge on the UK version and Now it's developed into a big beast of Its own so super proud of how we planted That seed and now it's grown into Something amazing Working with the LEGO Group has now led You to this pretty cool opportunity Where you got to work on Katy Perry's Leg address for the new holiday campaign So tell me this were you a Katy Perry Fan before the project I'm a huge fan of Katie so it was a Little Dream Come True When I heard there was a possibility for Me to help out with this hi guys it's Katie I wanted to give a special thank You to Matt so how do you do that we Teamed up with Matt in the LEGO Group For an exclusive look at the design Process so I was called in to co-design This dress with Heather picciatino who's One of Katie's fashion designers we kind Of felt that we really needed to get Katie's personality through in the dress Katie's Nikon the Lego brick is also an Icon so we were like right let's just Find a way to cover her in um giant Lego Bricks and I think Katie's got a real

Child-like playfulness that um fits Perfectly with the messaging of this Campaign so it's been absolutely amazing Tougher part of it I'm so excited that The dress is now on display in the New York store right where you are Rachel I'd really like to recommend that you Join in with some of the experiences There's a great personalization Experience called minifigure Factory Where you can create your very own Minifigures so go and give that a go oh Yeah Matt dun [Music]

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