Dana White Says Paddy Pimblett Can Be A ‘Massive Superstar’ In UFC | TMZ Sports

Dana White Says Paddy Pimblett Can Be A 'Massive Superstar' In UFC | TMZ Sports

You know I put this car right up there With last weekend's in Orlando that Broke all the records uh it was the Biggest fight this year it broke the uh The uh gate record for for fight nights In the U.S and and the card was Absolutely phenomenal that's exactly What this card is like but with a title Fight Yuri you know I think he calls Himself like a samurai a warrior that You know to do the right thing to let The title go how much respect do you Have for a guy like that so much respect It killed him that he couldn't fight in This card but at the end of the day he's Still the champ he's the champ you know It was incredibly selfless of him you Know to to to uh Uh you know completely unselfish to to Vacate the title he's an absolute stud And what's cool is these a couple of Fights will play out before he comes Back good ones and then he comes back And faces uh whoever won were you Surprised that Glover didn't want to Didn't want the title fight this weekend Well I I think that that you know Glover's been around for a while and at The end of the day at his age and Everything else it wasn't a bad strategy When you hear how bad Gary's shoulder is Worse shoulder injury in the history of The company and you know you let these Two monsters fight it out and he gets

Time to prepare for one of them and come Back and and uh be 100 ready for Whichever guy wins not not a bad Strategy not at all if the main event Was an exciting Patty pimley it's not Even a year and a half in the Organization are you even surprised at The star he's become so quickly yeah he Has that uh He has that it factor that I always talk About you know and uh you know obviously He's undefeated here in the UFC now so If he can keep one of these key fights This kid will be a massive Superstar I Know when when Izzy was coming the other Thing is too and you know about this I Mean the thing with his dog going to the Bathroom was so unbelievably viral it Was insane you know there's things that Go viral on the internet but that thing Even that thing you guys did like a 10 Minute piece on that thing on on TMZ and And other outlets did it was it was Everywhere it was really big in America So stuff like that doesn't hurt either Our interview with him last week Completely blew up like we could just Tell by our numbers when there's a star And I know if we're seeing that you guys Are seeing that too with everything you Do with them 100 percent When Izzy was coming up he didn't love Being compared to Jon Jones obviously Patty's getting a lot of Conor

Comparisons and he seems to embrace them And handle them like he seems well Prepared for all of this Yeah it's it's never an insult when Somebody Compares you to you know a Great or or one of the biggest names in The sport uh I think that Izzy didn't Like it because he doesn't like Jon Jones Jon Jones doesn't like him so I Think that's why he didn't but it's Never an insult it's it's a compliment Toughest fight for Patty yet with Jared Gordon who himself has a ridiculous Backstory that people should embrace True Um Yeah it's a fun fight it's it's it's It's a good fight at the right time for Both guys is there a lot of other big Names on the card is there is there Another fight that you're you know You're circling we knew last week that Kevin Holland and Wonder Boy were going To do what they did is there one this Week other than the two main fights but What's even more incredible about last Weekend's fight in the main event you Just found out yesterday that Wonder Boy Broke his hand too so they were both Fighting with broken hands and they Wouldn't fight it a night and the fight Was awesome so uh yeah I mean I just put Out my if you don't know now you know I Think I did four fights usually it's two

Fights I did four I could have gone Through the entire card uh letting People know what what fights uh I Thought were gonna be incredible this Card is absolutely stacked with gray Fights I'm telling you I feel the same Way about this card as I did about Orlando except this one actually has a Title fight

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