BKFC’s Tai Emery Says She Might Flash Boobs Again, Despite Possible Fine | TMZ Sports

BKFC's Tai Emery Says She Might Flash Boobs Again, Despite Possible Fine | TMZ Sports

I've come from you know I've had a Modeling background how I look is is the Easy part of this game I don't need to Lose too much Focus whether you know What other people's opinions are or not Um how I look is one thing and how I Perform is a whole different beast and Both of them like that show that showed In the last fight it showed all parts of My personality and yeah 100 performance Is key Um combos just being even just taming my Wild animal uh that's pretty certain From a 20 piece combo you know I'm still Trying to get calm I'm still trying to Calm a farm in there and I think once I Can get that ring awareness and Understand that I'm going to do more Damage with maybe less you know that's Going to be a dangerous time so right Now it's just really more about me being Able to control my emotions I'm an Emotional person defense we're all you Know and I I love that showcase so for In this sport it's about being you know Let's calm so it's it's more about Learning when I can flip like on and off That switch And when do you do we see you flip on That switch again I saw Kendra's tweet And you responded what could the fans Expect when they when they tune in this Weekend 100 I'm gonna do exactly what I want

Um and everybody knows that you know They're kind of walking down the path And can see the type of way that I like To show up and be a brat because what Are they going to do like if I could get To a point where someone in bkfc is like A ball boy just like they're the booby Boy you know they're like okay we need To wait she's gonna take her clothes off And you know they run and tackle me like If I can get to that stage so they'll Probably have that when I eventually get To go for a belts Um I'll be a happy person I'll be super Happy I'll know that my rebelliousness Has uh caused a shitster and I think When we're like playing with people's Emotions whether it be negative positive It you you know you're tweaking with People's feelings and I think that's to Me that's like passion of life So people can expect a lot just if You're in the crowd you're going to be Lucky if it if you're not in the crowd You better hope I don't learn where the Cameras are so that you miss out I was gonna say so the fans can expect Two shows this weekend Always two shows if there's going to be A salute of like titties back to me Guess what guys you will just enable me To just flash even more has anyone said Anything like the bkfc at all we talked To David Feldman not too long ago and he

Said he didn't love it but has anyone Said anything or warned you or you're Just gonna go out there for yourself Well I am still always going to be Myself and but I have been sat down and Uh David wasn't wasn't over the moon but He and he also had the word come back Through Nick Chapman they had Nick Chapman flew over to America like three Days after the fight and one of the main Subject headings was Thai Emery Um so they did talk I will be in trouble I will be fined Um I'm the last I heard it was half a Million to a million Baht Um so I don't know what that conversion Is into U.S dollars Um but yeah I have 100 been warned and And told like it's a No-No Um which is fine but I can't hey I can't Control myself in moments and moments Like that like everything else just Takes over you became a household name Last time but now you get in there and You know prove yourself again how Excited are you I am like over the moon It's this is something you know anyone's Career has been building to plus co-main Event for a promotion that you know I've Already sort of dedicated myself to and I really truly believe that my Personality and my talents and Athleticism like this is the fit for me So for them to be giving me a co-main

Event like so soon Um one I think I really proved the point That I deserve to be in the big leagues Um so yeah 100 this one is about just Stamping and showing people like yeah This isn't I'm not here to play I'm here To party and party with Fists When we look at your opponent uh Poe Denim first fight in bkfc but she's got A a a lot of background a lot of boxing Experience what should we expect what Sort of opponent is she for you She is 100 game I see her as a game Opponent anyone who is facing a man now Did you see that highlight she's I was Gonna sit down Come on she's she's the first female Sanctioned fight in bare knuckle let's Put that that fought a man Um that tells me that this person Doesn't give a which is great Because neither do I so this will be on That sort of level would be nice to meet And see whose mind can kind of go deeper Um because that's kind of where you have To go in this sort of sport it's you Know it's fast paced it's more Instinctual but at the end of the day It's it's gonna it's gonna see who's got The dark darker deeper mind and someone Who's like more tough as nails

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