Angel McCoughtry Says She Wouldn’t Play Ball In Russia After Griner Saga | TMZ Sports

Angel McCoughtry Says She Wouldn't Play Ball In Russia After Griner Saga | TMZ Sports

Oh my gosh today is a celebration Brittany is back she's on Solid Ground I Love how they didn't tell everybody Until she got fat so she wouldn't be Bombarded with a lot of media and people But you know knowing Brittany she's a Big teddy bear her personality is so Bubbly Um I couldn't imagine the conditions She's gone through I mean I played in Russia for three years and that was Probably one of the hardest places I had To play it was hard to make friends People were not are not they're Introverted because of the weather the Sun doesn't come out so it's already Kind of depressing being there playing There but to be in in that kind of Environment I can't imagine so I'm glad That she's back what what an amazing Feeling and wake up to that yeah did you Have any idea angel that this was going On and we you know me at least I woke up This morning and and to see President Biden uh talking about this that she was Out it was shocking to me and I didn't Have any indication did you know Obviously being on the inside of the Circle that this was happening you know We know we knew something was growing we Just didn't know exactly what and when Um but we knew something was growing but Man it came sooner than expected I'm Just so glad to wake up to that kind of

News um you know obviously we want Britney to play this summer in the WBA But we know right now we just want her Mental to be okay and her to take the Time with her family that she deserves Angel what will you do uh you can only Imagine uh hundreds thousands of people I'm sure going to reach out to Brittany How will you approach that as far as Contacting her and trying to talk to her I'm sure you want to make sure she's Okay first let her get back but how will You handle that Yeah I'm gonna give her some time first Give her some time to adjust get Acclimated back you know Um just be with her family her friends Everybody's gonna be hitting her right Now and let everything die down for a Bit and then I'm gonna get my hugs from Brittany and if she want to come on Vacation all right let's go it's on me Brittany you on vacation Do you think she'll play uh the next Season of the WNBA season I think so I think uh our season doesn't Start feeling until May so we got Another like five six months I think That you know by that time she'll have Herself together to be ready to play Because everybody's gonna want to watch Her play yeah you know what I mean um It's gonna be amazing the women's sport Is growing so rapidly we got more fans

Than ever before more TV coverage so now Is the time to you know to see her Dunking again and smiling on that Court Angel you know you brought up playing in Russian I thought that was so Fascinating as you were talking I was Just thinking like you said if if it's If it's so tough just being over there And living in a hotel I can only imagine What it must have been like to be in a Penal colony how how long ago yeah yeah I'm sorry go ahead Yeah I mean you know she's six eight how Long were the beds were the bed Conditions what are the food like like It's tough I mean obviously we'll hear Her story later on but Um you know I'm just glad that she's She's back man like it was a long time Coming yeah how will players how will You how will your your your your Teammates your work colleague how how Will they handle now while playing in Rush obviously it's something where you Players have have in many people's mind Not gotten the pay you deserve here in America and have been forced to go to Places like Russia where you get paid a Higher salary what happens now with Basketball in Russia I mean it's tough on us because Russia Was one of the places where we made the Most money you know I was making my WBA Salary in one month in Russia my whole

Salary so Um I think uh you know girls are gonna Go elsewhere and play probably you know We still have Spain and Um Istanbul Turkey different places but It definitely takes a toll in our game Because that Russia you know that was The place where they had a lot of money For a full woman to play so it Definitely hurts our game but hopefully We can continue to FK here that we can Uh split the 50 Revenue with the WBA and Get get paid like we need to right not Somewhere you would go back now I I Would imagine right uh no I would not go Back I would not go back at this point No

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